AMD Slashes Radeon 7900 Series Prices, Tosses In 3 Free Games

Brad Chacos

A handful of things in life are certain: death, taxes (you better hurry!) and, after seeing the Nvidia GTX 680 drop for just $500, the eventual lowering of AMD Radeon 7900 series prices. That was the common theory, anyways, but several weeks have passed with nary a word from AMD. Could conventional wisdom be wrong? Nope! AMD was just biding its time. Today, the company slashed the prices of not only the 7900 series GPUs, but the low-end Radeon 7770, too.

Rumors about the impending price drop popped up last Friday, and this morning, LegitReviews reported was the first to report that AMD officially launched its new "Three for Free" advertising blitz. WTF is that, you ask? AMD is tossing in copies of Nexuiz, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and DiRT Showdown with every 7900 series graphics card sold "through select etailer and retailer partners." Not too shabby, especially when paired with a price cut.

Said price cuts were fairly substantial, too; going forward, the Radeon 7970 will cost $480, while the 7950 "is now an impulse buy away" (according to AMD) at $400. The Radeon 7770, meanwhile, got tossed into the sub-$150 bin with an MSRP of $140. It looks like the 7800 series is staying put at $250 to $350, at least for now.

Lower prices, free games and much more widespread availability is a heck of a combined punch to throw at Nvidia. Do you think the trio of benefits will sway would-be GTX 680 buyers back into AMD's corner?

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