AMD Ships New "Performance" 790GX Chipset


AMD knows it doesn't have a processor line capable of competing with Intel's Core 2 architecture clock for clock, so instead the chipmaker looks to push a new chipset that promises improved overclocking performance. The new 790GX chipset is intended to target the "performance" gaming community, filling the spot just below its 790FX, which hones in on the ultra-enthusiast market.

According to AMD, the 790GX makes it possible to "shift your system performance into next gear with Advanced Clock Calibration that allows you to get the highest overclocking out of your AMD Phenom CPUs." To illustrate the effect, AMD uses a graph showing a 2.5GHz Phenom topping out at 3.0GHz with "standard overclocking," but jumping to 3.2GHZ and beyond with its Advanced Clock Calibration.

Hardcore gamers are likely to be turned off by the 790GX's integrated Radeon HD 3300 graphics and will opt to add in a discrete GPU solution. By doing so, gamers can take advantage of ATI's Hybrid Graphics technology and utilize both GPUs at the same time.

AMD also looks to push the budget angle, pointing out that gamers can pair a quad-core X4 9850 Phenom with a 790GX-based motherboard for $355, or $90 less than a comparable Intel rig sporting a quad-core Q9300 slapped on a P45-based motherboard.

Does AMD have a winner on its hands with the 790GX?

Image Credit: AMD

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