AMD Sheds More Light on Jaw-Dropping Cinema 2.0 Tech


The company showcased its technology at a recent event in New York . It presented a real-time lifelike 3D model of a woman. The demo video was so true to life that it could have as well passed as an actual video footage.

The 3D model that AMD presented was captured using hundreds of high-speed HD cameras that can capture unprecedented levels of detail. For those unacquainted with the technical intricacies of 3D animation, a 3D object’s realism is directly proportional to the level of detail its real-life counterpart is captured in.

AMD is heavily plugging its teraflops graphics chip, codenamed RV770, as more “powerful than every generation of video game console ever brought to market combined.” The next-generation of AMD chips are  capable of handling Cinema 2.0.

Though AMD had last month claimed to have punched a hole in “sensory barrier separating Cinema and Games,” it is yet to demonstrate any interactive uses of the technology. However, it is expected to do that soon as its teraflops graphics chip is due at the end of this year.

Image Credit: Joystiq

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