AMD Set to Slash Prices for Previous Generation APU Chips

Paul Lilly

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) recently unveiled new FM2-based A Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), and as you know, that usually means a price cut for existing chips. Indeed that's the case, according to DigiTimes , which claims to have heard from un-named sources entrenched in the motherboard business that previous generation APUs about to about receive some sweet price reductions. Let's have a look.

According to DigiTimes , the FM1-based A4-3300 will drop from $46 to $30 (it currently sells for $50 shipped on Newegg). The faster clocked A4-3400 will also receive a price cut, dropping from $48 to $35 (currently sells for $55), while the FM2-based A4-5300 will be reduced next quarter from $53 to $30 (currently sells for $65).

DigiTimes didn't clarify if these prices are for lots of 1,000 or actual retail pricing, but either way, they represent significant savings for budget builders. The A4-5300 is particularly enticing, dropping in price by more than 43 percent.

Unfortunately for AMD, all these price cuts will likely have little impact in investor confidence, who collectively knocked AMD's share price down to a three-year low after the chip designer issued a Q3 sales warning.

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