AMD Set to Launch ATI HD 4600, Its Answer to NVDIA GeForce 9500 Series, September 10


Tom's Hardware reports that AMD is set to launch the new ATI HD 4600 series of video cards on September 10. The HD 4600 is designed to compete with the GeForce 9500 series of video cards, and is expected to replace the ATI HD 3800 series.

HD 4670 versus HD 4650

The HD 4600 series, like the GT 9500 GT, provides best performance when used with GDDR3 memory, but will also be available with DDR3 and DDR2 memory. Cards based on the RV730XT GPU will be known as the HD 4670 (available in 1GB and 512MB RAM versions), while cards based on the slower RV730 Pro GPU will be known as the HD 4650 (available with 512MB of RAM).

Both GPUs will offer PCI Express 2.0 support, DirectX 10.1 support, physics and dynamic geometry acceleration, 24x CFAA technology, 128-bit memory bandwidth, HDCP support for full-quality HD playback, and CrossFire support. The HD 4670 has a power requirement of only 70 to 80 watts, while the HD 4650 requires only 50 to 55 watts, making them ideal for home theater systems.

See Tom's Hardware for additional details and illustrations, and see GPU Café for pictures of an HD 4670-based card featuring HDMI DisplayPort (a hat tip to reader FOX72 for the correction) and DVI ports.

Illustration courtesy of GPU Café .

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