AMD Says Trinity Coming 'Very Early Next Year'

Pulkit Chandna

Announced earlier this year at AMD’s Computex press conference, the Trinity accelerated processing unit (APU) will replace the chip maker’s Llano APU, which has been experiencing shortages due to poor 32-nm yields at Globalfoundries. Until recently, we only knew that Trinity would arrive in 2012. But thanks to Thomas Seifert, senior vice president and chief financial officer of AMD, we now have a much better idea about Trinity’s releases schedule.

During the company’s recent Q3 earnings call , Seifert revealed that Trinity is scheduled to “launch very early next year.”  However, he refused to “give any specific statements on roadmap and launch dates for 2012.”

Commenting on the issue of poor yields at Globalfoundries, AMD CEO Rory P. Read expressed confidence in the progress being made. Read promised to “shift significantly more 32 nanometer products in the fourth quarter than we did in third quarter.”  Of course, any progress on this front will automatically serve to protect Trinity from the kind of supply issues that are currently being experienced by its predecessor.

Trinity will combine Enhanced Bulldozer (aka Piledriver) cores with a VLIW4 GPU. It is expected to be 20 percent faster than Llano.

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