AMD Rumored to Cut FX Processor Pricing on September 1, 2014

Paul Lilly

Big savings might be just around the corner

Save for a stint during the socket 939 era when Athlon 64 X2 chips carried premium price tags, AMD has mostly been about delivering competitive pricing compared to Intel. In keeping with that trend, AMD is reportedly getting ready to slash prices of its FX-9000 "Centurion" processors , as well as trim prices less aggressively on select FX Series parts and discontinue certain older models.

According to Xbit Labs and a few other sources on the web, AMD will roll out its new prices on September 1, 2014. One of the biggest cuts is purportedly coming to the FX-9590, which will go down to $215 when purchased in mass quantities supplied in trays -- you can expect retail pricing to be a bit higher. At present, the chip sells for $299, though Newegg has a coupon code that cuts the cost to $260.

Other price reductions include the following:

  • FX-9370: $199 (down from $219)
  • FX-8350: $169 (down from $189)
  • FX-8320: $139 (down from $149)
  • FX-6350: $119 (down from $129)
  • FX-6300: $99 (down from $109)
  • FX-4350: $95 (down from $119)
  • FX-4300: $95 (down from $99)

On top of the above, AMD is reportedly planning to either discontinue or keep the present pricing on its FX-8150, FX-8120, FX-6200, FX-6100, FX-4170, FX-4130, and FX-4100 processors.

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