AMD Reportedly Prepping 3 New Bulldozer CPUs

Brad Chacos

Few things set geeky hearts a-flutter more than the release of new CPUs. Valentine's Day may be a few days gone, but a leaked slide shows that AMD may try to woo system builders with the release of three new Bulldozer processors by the end of the next financial quarter.

The slide comes courtesy of the Turkish website DonanimHaber , and as you can see, each of the planned FX CPUs have a few things in common -- namely, a 95W TDP and a 4.1 GHz Turbo clock rate. No many how many cores you like, it looks like AMD will have you covered: the 3.9 GHz FX-4150 rocks 4 cores and a 12MB cache, while the 3.5GHz FX-6120 sports six cores and a 14MB cache. The cream of the crop (assuming the slide is legit) is the octa-core AMD FX-8140, which boasts a 3.2GHz base clock speed and a 16MB cache.

Pricing? Release dates? Who knows? It's a leaked slide. That being said, do any of these chips get you drooling?

Image credit: DonanimHaber .com

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