AMD Reportedly Gearing Up to Sell Radeon-branded Line of SSDs

Sean D Knight

The SSD market could become more competitive

It appears that AMD might not be satisfied with just manufacturing GPUs, CPUs, RAM, and APUs. According to , and a couple of leaked slides, AMD will sell Radeon R7-branded SSDs that will compete with other manufacturers such as Kingston, Samsung, and OCZ.

Looking at the available slides it appears that there will be three Radeon R7 SSDs. The hardware will have a read speed of 550MB/s and is expected to have a four-year life expectancy. There will be 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB versions dubbed the Radeon R7 120G, Radeon R7 240G, and Radeon R7 480G.

While the reading speed of all versions will be 550MB/s, the 120GB model will have a slower write speed at 470MB/s whereas the 240GB and 480GB models will have a write speed of 530MB/s. In addition, the drives will only be available in the 2.5-inch form factor and includes 256-bit AES encryption.

AMD has not officially confirmed the existence of the Radeon-branded SSDs though some sources, such as ComputerWorld , claim that the company has confirmed the devices and that it will make an announcement next week.

Do you think the AMD Radeon R7 SSDs are a good idea? Or does AMD have enough on its plate?

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