AMD Releases New Low-Power Server CPUs

Paul Lilly

AMD today released five low-power and two high-performance processors for server builds. All seven of the new chips are updated versions of AMD's 45nm Shanghai architecture.

"When we first came to market, we brought out the standard-power (Shanghai processors) because that's where the bulk of our market is," John Fruehe, the director of business development for server and workstation products at AMD, said in an interview. "As always, we follow(ed) up fairly quickly with the HE, which are the energy-efficient models, and the SE, which are the high-performance models."

All five low power quad-core models-- 2376 HE, 2374 HE, 2372 HE, 8376 HE, and 8374 HE -- come rated at 55W ACP (Average CPU Power), which is equivalent to a 79W TDP, and run between 2.1GHz and 2.3GHz. The higher performance SE models -- 2386 SE and 8386 SE -- both run at 2.8GHz with a 105W ACP rating.

The new processors are available now in three new systems from HP and other technology partners.

Image Credit: AMD

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