AMD Releases Another Hotfix (Catalyst 10.10c)

Paul Lilly

First things first -- for those of you who don't read the fine print, keep in mind that every hotfix AMD releases "is provided as is and is not supported by AMD. It has not completed full AMD testing is only a driver update." If you're cool with that, you can grab AMD's third hotfix release in less than a week. The Catalyst 10.10c hotfix adds the following:

  • OpenGL 4.1 beta support
  • Support for the new Morphological Anti-Aliasing feature
  • Dead Rising 2 -- Crossfire profile (resolves negative scaling)
  • Crossfire improvement for Metro 2033 , F1 2011 (DX 9 version), and Fallout New Vegas
  • Performance optimizations for systems with an AMD Radeon HD 6870 and 6850 for Aliens versus Predator and Star Craft 2
  • OpenGL performance enhancements in Prey , Quake Wars: Enemy Territories , and Heaven V2

The Catalyst 10.10c hotfix, which is for Windows 7 and Vista only, is available here .

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