AMD Readying New Platform for Ultrabook-like Devices

Pulkit Chandna

The idea of flooding the market with affordable ultra-thin and -light notebooks dubbed ultrabooks is undoubtedly Intel’s brainchild. The world’s leading chip maker has even set up a $300 million fund to impart some initial impetus to the whole concept. Given its efforts, it has to be said that Intel deserves first dibs on ultrabooks. However, AMD is unlikely to watch from the sidelines for too long.

According to Digitimes, AMD has its own plans for ultrabook-like products . It plans to enter the ultrabook market with the Deccan platform in 2012. The Deccan platform will feature 28-nm Krishna and Wichita APUs. It will be followed by the Kerala platform the following year.

Even though competing with Intel is bit of a problem for AMD at the moment, Digitimes expects these upgrades to bring about an “extraordinary improvement” in the overall performance and power efficiency of its APUs, allowing it to better compete with Intel’s upcoming platforms like Ivy Bridge and Haswell.

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