AMD Readies Radeon HD 8000M GPUs for Notebooks

Paul Lilly

AMD preps next generation mobile GPUs for CES.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has started talking about its upcoming Radeon HD 8000M GPUs, codenamed "Solar System," which it plans to fully detail next month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. There will be at least four laptops at CES running the new GPUs, which are said to support DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.3, and OpenCL 2.1 programming interfaces.

Three of the GPUs will reportedly feature the same number of stream processors and clockspeeds that scale up to 1.125GHz, but will have different core speeds, The Inquirer reports . These are the Radeon HD 8500M (650MHz), Radeon HD 8600M (775MHz), and Radeon HD 8700M (650MHz to 850MHz), each of which will boast 384 stream processors.

Sitting at the top of the totem pole will be AMD's Radeon HD 8800M GPU with 640 stream processors. It will come clocked at between 650MHz and 700MHz with GDDR5 memory clocked at 1.25GHz.

Three more Radeon 8000M GPUs will launch in the second quarter of 2013, two of which will sit above the Radeon HD 8800M.

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