AMD Readies Radeon 7970 GHz Edition

Brad Chacos

Funny thing about the Radeon 7970; despite being a flagship graphics card, the reference model doesn't come clocked at 1GHz out of the box, even though the lower-priced 7770 and 7870 (and, um, the GTX 680) do. Well, that's going to end soon: a new report says AMD is prepping a "GHz Edition" version of the Radeon 7970 to better compete with Nvidia's top-end beast.

The Radeon 7970 GHz Edition will come with a core clock of 1,000MHz rather than the 925MHz found in the 7970s on shelves now. Australia's Atomic Maximum Power Computing magazine -- no relation to the MPC you all know and love, by the way -- broke the news and says that it's been in contact with AMD sources, who told the publication that improved yields have led to "much lower" voltages being needed to hit the stock 925MHz. In fact, AMD told AMPC that most Radeon 7970 GPUs can easily hit 1,250MHz now.

Why are they stopping at 1GHz, then? Who knows? But the extra oomph under the hood can only bring better performance to 7970 cards that stick to reference designs rather than going for a factory overclock.

Thanks to HotHardware for pointing this out !

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