AMD Radeon HD 7970 Specs Leaked to the Web

Paul Lilly

A slide leaked on Orb-Hardware reveals some pretty gnarly specifications for AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7970 card. If the slide is accurate -- and Orb-Hardware thinks it is, though admits it's a "little bit old" -- the Radeon HD 7970 will come with a core clockspeed of 925MHz and a whole bunch of onboard memory (3GB of GDDR5 to be exact).

According to the slide, the memory will pipe up to 5.5Gbps of data through a 384-bit bus. The card will have 128 texture units, 32 CU and 2048 ALU stream processors, and 3.5 TFLOPs of raw compute power. The slide only lists 32 ROPs, which is a little disappointing considering recent murmurs that had the card pegged at 48 ROPs, but it's hard to argue with the rest of the spec sheet.

The card will require 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors (one of each) and have a peak power draw of less than 300W, according to the slide.

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