AMD Radeon HD 7970, 7950, & 7870 Price Cuts Coming Soon

Maximum PC Staff

By far the most common question we get asked here at Maximum PC is: “should I upgrade”? The answer to this one is never easy, however AMD just dropped word that should make anyone on the hunt for a new GPU sit up and take notice.  The price of the 7000 series parts are about to see another price cut, and they are finally starting to make a pretty compelling price vs. performance case for themselves vs. Nvidia.

Here is a breakdown of the new pricing. Thanks ago out to Anandtech for compiling the list.

It appears that in addition to the price cuts, AMD will continue to offer their free game promotions while quantities last. This includes “Three for Free” with the HD 7900 series, as well as DiRT Showdown for 7800 and 7700 series cards. According to AMD the 7970 GHz edition will be coming soon from several OEM’s, but will maintain the $499 MSRP. Those willing to do a bit of self-overclocking will more than likely have no trouble reaching speeds similar to the GHz edition, and save a bucket of cash in the process.

A $50 price cut on the Radeon HD 7970 is always welcome, however we wonder how long this card will stick around once the GHz edition starts building up inventory as we head into the fall. It’s not inconceivable that quantities could be limited on the vanilla 7970, while other cards should be fairly easy to find.

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