AMD Radeon 6700 Details Leaked to the Web


A forum member on Chinese language website PCInlife posted what he claims is a legit AMD slide detailing the company's upcoming Radeon HD 6750 and HD 6770 videocards.

The slide, titled "AMD Radeon 6700 Series: Twice the Horsepower," at least looks real and compares the unreleased cards to AMD's existing HD 5000 series. Next to the HD 5750, the HD 6750 comes out on top in nearly every category, offering up to 1.624 TFLops of computing power versus 1.008 TFLops. That puts it above the HD 5770 (1.360 TFLops), but below the HD 5850 (2.088 TFLops).

The HD 6770 also bests its predecessor (HD 5770) in similar fashion, and looks to be somewhat comparable to the HD 5870 in overall performance.

On a related note, there's no mention of ATI anywhere on the slide. AMD previously announced plans to kill off the ATI brand, and if the slide turns out to be legit, it looks like the HD 5800 series will be the end of the line for ATI.

Check it out for yourself below (click to enlarge).

Image Credit: "gf6600"

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