AMD Quietly Slashes A-Series APU and FX Series CPU Prices Following Ivy Bridge Launch

Paul Lilly

Throughout the years, AMD's strategy against Intel has been to undercut the Santa Clara chip maker in price, though that's not necessarily by design. Clock for clock, AMD's processors don't usually pack the same performance punch as Intel's silicon, and that's especially true with the launch of Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture. In response to Ivy Bridge, AMD decided another round of price cuts was in order.

Here's a look at how the FX Series shakes out:

  • AMD FX-4100 Black Edition: $115
  • AMD FX-4170 Black Edition: $135
  • AMD FX-6100 Black Edition: $135
  • AMD FX-6200 Black Edition: $155
  • AMD FX-8150 Black Edition: $205
  • AMD FX-8120 Black Edition: $165

Not all of those represent price cuts. The FX-4100 and FX-4170 are both unchanged, for example, while the FX-6100 and FX-6200 dropped by $10 each. AMD's eight-core processors saw bigger reductions; the FX-8120 dropped by $20 and the FX-8150 by $40.

Here's the updated price list for A-Series APUs :

  • AMD A4-3300: $55
  • AMD A4-3400: $59
  • AMD A6-3600: $95
  • AMD A6-3650: $95
  • AMD A6-3670K Black Edition: $100
  • AMD A8-3800: $105
  • AMD A8-3820: $115
  • AMD A8-3850: $105
  • AMD A8-3870K Black Edition: $115
  • AMD A6-3500: $75

Depending on the processor, APU prices dropped by as much $30 (A8-3850). Bear in mind that these are wholesale prices in 1,000-unit tray quantities, so retail pricing will likely be a bit higher.

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