AMD Puts Servers, Datacenters in a Piledriver with Opteron 6300 Series Processors

Paul Lilly

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Monday introduced new Opteron 6300 Series server processors built around its next-generation "Piledriver" core architecture.  The new chips boost performance by up to 24 percent compared to the prior generation Opteron 6200 Series, AMD said, basing its claim on the SPECjbb2005 server benchmark that's used to evaluate Java performance.

"Across global IT organizations, cost-effective, scalable performance is a core requirement to support cloud computing, server consolidation and highly-threaded workloads common in HPC, big data and other areas," said Suresh Gopalakrishnan , general manager, Server Business Unit, AMD. "The key to a winning solution for customers is working with OEMs and other solution providers to minimize TCO with a combination of cost effectiveness and superior performance per watt. AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors are uniquely positioned to be the difference-maker customers are seeking."

AMD's Opteron 6300 chips operate at a base frequency of up to 3.5GHz (Opteron 6308) and a Turbo frequency of up to 3.8GHz (Opteron 6328). Half of the 10 available Opteron 6300 Series processors are 16-core parts, two are 12-core chips, another two feature 8 cores, and one of them is a quad-core part. AMD says its new server CPUs are the only x86 processors to support ultralow voltage (ULV) 1.25v memory.

Pricing for the Opteron 6300 Series runs from $293 to $1,392.

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