AMD Pumps Out Five More Processors, Still no Core i7 Killer


Attention bargain shoppers, AMD has just released a handful of new CPUs starting at only $74 and finishing at a still budget-friendly $169 price point.

These are all desktop chips aimed at the mainstream market, and it starts with the Phenom II X2 255. This one comes clocked at 3.1GHz with a 65W TDP. Also of note is the sub-$100 (by a buck) Phenom II X2 555. Clocked at 3.2Ghz, this is now AMD's fastest dual-core chip available.

Upping the core ante, AMD also introduced the tri-core Athlon X3 440. This one comes clocked at 3GHz with a 95W TPD and runs $84.

On the quad-core front, there's the Athlon II X4 635 clocked at 3GHz with a 95W TDP and $119 price tag. Finally, there's the quad-core Phenom II X4 910e. This $169 chip scoots along at 2.6GHz and features a reduced TDP of 65W.

According to Fudzilla, AMD will also soon introduce the Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition (3.6GHz) and Phenom II X4 820 (2.8GHz), as well as a new 800 series chipset in a few months.

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