AMD Prepping New Budget Llano APU For Retail Release

Brad Chacos

High powered procs may get all the attention, but slapping a Sandy Bridge-E chip into a budget build is akin to slapping a fly with a sledgehammer -- it's just way too much firepower for the job. For folks looking to get their secondary (or tertiary) PC on, AMD is releasing a new low-cost Llano APU designed to fit nicely into the FM1 socket.

All right, maybe the A4-3420 APU is only kind of new: TechPowerUp and DonanimHaber report that OEMs have had access to the chip since the beginning of the year. According to those publications (and double-checked against the OEM specs at CPU-World ), the 2.8 GHz A4-3420 rocks a pair of x86-64 cores with 512KB of L2 cache per core, a 600MHz Radeon HD 6410D GPU, and a scant 65W TDP. An on-board dual-channel DDR3 memory controller supports RAM speeds up to 1600 MHz.

The reported price is said to match the TDP at $65 on the nose. Any takers?

Image credit: TechPowerUp

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