AMD Plans Ultrabook Competitor, Don't Call Them 'Ultrathins'

Paul Lilly

Reports are popping up all over the Web saying AMD is working on an Ultrabook concept of its own, an ultra-thin and light form factor just like Intel's, but obviously built around AMD's own platforms. It was even reported AMD had picked out a name for its new form factor -- 'Ultrathins' -- but don't go calling them that, AMD apparently has something else in mind.

News of AMD's so-called Ultrathins first broke on The Australian's website (paywall, unfortunately), where it was reported AMD might unveil its first super slim notebooks based on Fusion APUs as early as January 2012. That's true, or at least AMD has yet to deny the report, but the name of the form factor isn't correct.

"AMD doesn't have any plans for 'Ultrathin' as a label," Australia's PC Authority reports . "We have had it confirmed by an AMD spokesperson that when AMD's Country Manager, Brian Slattery, used the term ultra-thin he was referring to form factor."

Whatever it ends being called, it will be AMD's answer to Intel's Ultrabook initiative, and perhaps more importantly for Windows fans, a low-cost alternative to Apple's MacBook Air. Intel's hardware partners have had a tough time staying under $1,000 for new Ultrabook models (though not without exceptions ), but that should prove a piece of cake for AMD, which aggressively competes at the entry- and mid-level markets.

Iamge Credit: AMD

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