AMD Plans Graphics Refresh for Second Half of 2010

Paul Lilly

You didn't really think AMD would sit idly by and let Nvidia's Fermi architecture go uncontested, did you? In reality, the chip maker probably could ride the wave of its HD 5000 series for the remainder of the year without changing a thing, but that isn't the plan, says AMD CEO Dirk Meyer .

"We are ramping the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series now and look forward to refreshing the entire lineup in the seond half of next year," Meyer said during a quarterly conference call with financial with analysts.

Yes, Meyer did say "next year," but the conference call was for AMD's financial results in Q4 of fiscal 2009, so he's still referring to the second half of calendar 2010.

What isn't as clear is exactly what AMD has planned. The company's dual-GPU 5970 still ranks as the fastest single videocard around, and though the HD 5870 generally trails behind Nvidia's GTX 480, AMD's part holds a pricing advantage. Since Meyer is talking about overhauling the entire lineup, it's possible the company will tap into TSMC's 28nm chips, which just recently went into mass production.

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