AMD Officially Releases Mantle API

Brittany Vincent

After much fanfare, Mantle is finally available

The much-anticipated Mantle API is ready at long last for its official launch, with an onslaught of drivers and patches enabling low-level API going live yesterday. Those looking to get their hands dirty with Mantle will need to install the Catalyst 14.1 beta drivers which can be downloaded over the next few days from AMD's official website .

Though initial reports from various testers do appear to be a bit rocky, you can try them yourself if you're looking to expand your PC gaming experience, especially if you're dealing with hardware on the lower end of the spectrum. Mantle's debut might be chugging along and gaining steam, but they have made the commitment to ensure the API is steadily evolving.

As reports on Mantle's performance roll in, we'll of course be following the story as it develops, as well as possible test results and opinion on the matter. In the meantime, if you've set your mind on giving it a test drive, be sure to get back to us with your assessment and results, especially in games like Battlefield 4, which is what it appears most are having issues with.

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