AMD, Nvidia Sell Fewer GPUs Than Expected, Point Fingers At HDD Shortage

Brad Chacos

Blaming lackluster sales on the Thailand floods is the new black. Of course, the rising waters definitely affected washed-out HDD manufacturers with facilities in the Asian country; sales forecasts for PCs in general have also been reduced thanks to skyrocketing storage costs. Now, even AMD and Nvidia have started blaming the HDD shortage for a dip in quarterly GPU revenues. In case you're new here, we'd like to point out that GPUs don't use HDDs.

Of course, PCs use both hard drives and GPUs, so it makes sense that GPU sales were a bit low if overall computer sales were down. Nvidia says the flood's after effects are at least partially responsible for the $116 million revenue difference -- in a bad way -- between what it expected to earn last quarter and what it actually earned, The Verge reports . AMD says the shortage gave it "a little bit of pressure," too.

The rise of integrated Intel graphics and AMD's Fusion processors probably didn't help too much, either. Which do you think contributed more to the GPU pinch: integrated graphics or the floods? Is Thailand being used as a straw man to offset poor sales performance?

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