AMD, Nvidia Release Beta Graphics Drivers for Splinter Cell Blacklist

Paul Lilly

Gamers, grab your drivers!

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist is now available to purchase for PC (and the usual crop of consoles), and if you've already grabbed your copy or plan to pick it up, you might want to check out the latest beta drivers for your graphics card. It doesn't matter whether you roll with AMD or Nvidia , both GPU makers released new beta drivers aimed, in part, at optimizing performance for Blacklist.

Let's start with AMD. The company's Catalyst 13.8 Beta 2 driver improves performance in Blacklist by up to 9 percent at 2560x1600 with Ultra settings enabled. It also bumps up performance in a number of other titles, including Saints Row 4, Final Fantasy XIV, Van Helsing, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, and a few others.

There are some known issues to be aware of. CrossFire configurations, when used in combination with Overdrive, can result in the secondary GPU motoring along at 99 percent, among other quirks.

Switching gears to Nvidia, the company's 326.80 beta drivers include an SLI profile for Blacklist. Generally speaking, gamers can expect up to a 19 percent bump in performance in certain PC games. Nvidia also added support for additional tiled 4K displays and Extended support for tiled 4K displays.

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