AMD, Nvidia Introduce Tons Of New Mobile Chips (Kind Of)

Brad Chacos

With a minimum of fuss and fanfare, AMD and Nvidia have made some changes to their mobile lineup over the past few days. First off, AMD quietly released seven new Llano A-series APUs to its lineup, but that’s overshadowed by the launch of the new Radeon HD 7000M graphics chips. Actually, the Radeon HD 7000M series only sort of launched. Rather than unveiling long-awaited new 28nm GPUs, the HD 7000M models announced yesterday are basically just rebranded 40nm HD 6000M chips. Nvidia's new GeForce 600M series is likewise pretty much rebranded 500M chips.

The problem is that yields of 28nm chips simply aren’t good enough for a full retail roll-out yet. AMD decided that rather than miss the holiday season, it would be wiser to launch the new line with rebranded 40nm parts. If you’re waiting for the “real” Radeon HD 7000M, a partial run of 28nm chips may hit the streets by New Year’s, but the full launch of the next-gen GPUs won’t happen until sometime in 2012.

As for the rebranded chips, AMD didn’t release full details, only general configurations – which look the exact same as the HD 6000M chips. Clock rates are currently unknown, but presumably they’ll be higher than the clock rates on the HD 6000M chips. Check out AnandTech for a more details and a spreadsheet comparing the HD 7000M specs against the HD 6000M specs.

Nvidia also launched its new GeForce 600M lineup yesterday -- which, like AMD's mobile graphics, are a rebranding of the models that are already around, but with slightly tweaked clock speeds and memory bandwidth. Notebook Check has detailed info.

Six of AMD's seven new Llano APUs, on the other hand, are mostly incremental upgrades to existing chips that add around 100 MHz to clock rates. The seventh chip bucks the trend; the A4-3305M follows up on the A4-3300M by keeping the same clock speed and shaving off 1MB of the L2 cache. The GPU features fewer shaders than its predecessor, but clocks them higher. Check out CPU-World for a full list of specs and details .

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