AMD & Nvidia Face Lawsuit For Price Fixing

Maximum PC Staff

It’s not unusual for tech companies to find themselves in legal hot water with governments, or their competitors, but this time AMD & Nvidia will face off in courts against we the consumers. AMD & Nvidia have been cited in a class action lawsuit filed in a California court alleging both companies of conspiring to commit price fixing.  The plaintiffs identified as Jordan Walker and Michael Bensingor have named themselves, and anyone else who has ever been a customer of either company as the injured parties. According to the filing; "The Named Plaintiffs allege that, in violation of the federal antitrust laws, Nvidia and ATI conspired to fix, raise, maintain and stabilize prices of graphics processing chips and cards. The Named Plaintiffs also contend that Defendants unlawfully colluded to coordinate new product introductions." Further developments have been uncovered by Tom’s Hardware which was able to obtain legal documents as well as detailed email exchanges between the two GPU giants. Careful review of the emails doesn’t show any silver bullet, at least not to a layman. But in what is arguable a duopoly enviornment, it doesn’t take much to prove anti competitive behavior to the courts. The lawsuit seeks triple damages, legal fees, and any other incurred costs.

AMD & Nvidia customers looking to opt out of the lawsuit can send their contact details in a letter addressed to the law firm no later than October 12 2008. The mailing address is as follows:

In re: GPU Antitrust Litigation,
1999 Harrison Street,
Suite 900,
Oakland, CA 94612

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