AMD Now Shipping A-Series 'Llano' APUs to Vendors

Pulkit Chandna

AMD began shipping 40nm C- and E-series Fusion APUs (accelerated processing unit) to vendors back in Novemeber, 2010 and products featuring these integrated chips began entering the market in late January. The Fusion chips currently on the market are only meant for netbooks and low-cost notebooks. That is set to change very soon, though. AMD has begun shipping the more powerful A-series “Llano” chips to vendors, the company said Monday.

“Production units of AMD’s 32 nanometer quad-core “Llano” A-Series Accelerated Processor Units (APU) with discrete-level graphics are now shipping,” the company announced in a blog post.

The chip maker said that the first batch of mainstream laptops and desktops featuring the 32nm Llano chips will be available during the current quarter. These integrated chips from AMD will compete with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge-based Core processors.

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