AMD, Mixamo Bring Real Time Facial Capture Technology to Unity Developers

Paul Lilly

Standard webcam and AMD APU is all that's needed

AMD on Thursday announced that it's collaborating with Mixamo on the launch of Face P l us , an advanced real-time motion capture and 3D facial animation technology for the Unity game engine. The Face Plus plug-in for Unity allows developers to capture facial expressions through ordinary webcams and then transfer those images onto a 3D character using technology powered by AMD A-Series APUs and GPUs.

The technology was developed for devices that support OpenCL 1.1 or newer versions. It captures motion at full camera frame rates, up to 42 frames per second on a system powered by an AMD A10-4600M APU. That represents a 13X performance improvement compared to using CPU processing alone, AMD says.

"AMD is impressed with the results Mixamo has achieved in optimizing its technology and is excited not only about the capabilities it brings to Unity developers today, but also the potential it could bring to new consumer applications," said Manju Hegde , corporate vice president, Heterogeneous Solutions at AMD. "Thanks to incredible OpenCL performance, broad availability, and the capability of AMD APU and GPU solutions across PC form factors, Unity developers can enjoy a much more streamlined development process, allowing their creativity to flow with technology so powerful it recedes into the background without interrupting the creative process."

Real-time motion capture of facial expressions is already available as a development tool for content creation, but in the future, AMD and Mixamo envision it being used in consumer software applications like video games (animate avatars in real-time) and video conferencing.

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