AMD May Extend Never Settle Game Bundle to R200 Series Graphics Cards

Paul Lilly

AMD isn't finished giving away games

Traditionally speaking, bundled games with graphics cards have run the gamut from pretty crappy to totally awesome, with most skewed towards the former. Consistently leaning towards the latter, however, have been AMD's Never Settle bundles, in which Radeon HD graphics card owners have been rewarded some sweet titles. For the first time, it looks as though AMD's Never Settle Forever promotion will extend beyond the Radeon HD 7000 Series.

AMD supposedly confirmed with that the Never Settle Forever bundle will soon include R200 Series graphics cards as well. If so, this will be a sweet deal that works the same for the new cards as it does for the older ones.

By that we mean there will be three different reward tiers, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Those who quality for the Bronze tier can select one free title, those with a Silver badge can pick out two, and gamers who go for the gold will be able to select three titles from a catalog of up to nine different gamse.

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