AMD May Bundle Liquid Cooling Solution with FX Processors

Paul Lilly

Stock CPU coolers have their place, like in Aunt Mabel's machine or the spare parts bin. If you're planning to overclock the snot out of your system, a third party cooler should be high on your shopping list, lest you taunt the god of instability with high temps. There's another solution -- you could purchase a processor that's pre-packaged with a high-end cooler, only AMD and Intel haven't been real keen on going quite so far to encourage overclocking. That might change with Bulldozer.

Citing "a source with knowledge of the company's plans," XBitLabs says AMD is seriously considering selling its boxed FX series processors with a liquid cooling solution (LCS) bundled in. It's a move that would make its FX silicon more overclockable, while also upping the chip maker's street cred among power users, provided the LCS doesn't suck.

The source says AMD would bundle the cooler with its top-tier eight-core processors, though it's unclear if the LCS would come with both of AMD's eight-core FX processors or just the flagship model. And it's not just AMD. According to XBitLabs, Intel is also considering an LCS bundle, though details are unknown.

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