AMD Looking to Launch First 28nm GPUs in December

Paul Lilly

A German website is reporting AMD is hard at work trying to deliver its first products using 28nm graphics chips by the end of the year. If everything goes to plan, AMD will have the parts ready in the second week of December, and perhaps even before the 9th of that month. It will be a slow rollout at first, with volume shipments expected to come a few weeks later, likely in early 2012.

That's the word from , which is getting its information from sources among AMD's board partners. Details are light, though it looks like AMD wants to come roaring out of the 28nm gate with a performance oriented graphics card to kick things off. After that it's anyone's guess.

It's also dependent on AMD solving its manufacturing woes. The Sunnyvale chip designer contracts GPU chip manufacturing with TSMC, which says is having problems with the 28nm process. TSMC could also end up being stretched a little thin if AMD ultimately decides to tap into the chip maker to churn out Bulldozer parts .

Image Credit: XbitLabs

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