AMD Launches Eyefinity-Capable ATI FirePro V8800


AMD today launched the first in a new line of ATI FirePro professional videocards, the FirePro V8800. According to AMD, this is the industry's most powerful workstation graphics card ever created by man, and it's the only one that supports ATI's Eyefinity multi-display technology and Microsoft's DirectX 11 API.

"AMD is the undisputed consumer graphics leader and today we’re bringing many of the same cutting edge innovations from our ATI Radeon™ HD 5000 series to the professional graphics market for the first time. The ATI FirePro V8800 with ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology effectively dissolves visual limitations for professionals,” said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager, AMD Products Group.

Based on AMD's mighty Cypress XT architecture, the FirePro V8800 comes equipped with 1600 stream processors, a 256-bit memory interface, 2GB of GDDR5 memory, OpenGL 3.2 support, Shader Model 5 support, and comes rated at 208W. It also includes four DisplayPorts, a stereo output, and two DP to DVI (single-link) adapters. In short, this is AMD's HD 5870 in workstation form.

The FirePro V8800 is available now for $1,500, and before anyone asks, it can probably run Crysis, but you'd be far better off working in CAD.

Image Credit: AMD

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