AMD Job Posting Reveals Interest in Android

Paul Lilly

It looks like Intel isn't the only chip maker looking to out-muscle ARM in the tablet market. According to a recent job listing on AMD's website, the company is looking to hire Android driver development engineers, preferably those with experience in video decode acceleration. Reading between the lines, it appears AMD envisions itself powering an Android tablet sometime in the near future.

"The Linux Base Graphics team is looking for Android Driver Development engineers to help us evolve our driver stack for new platforms and in line with the development trends in the Android ecosystem," the job listing reads. "Experience with video decode acceleration within the Android web browser or video player application would be an asset. Experience with webm and/or OpenMax would be a bonus."

Both AMD and Intel have up to this point conceded the tablet market to ARM, with Nvidia getting into the fold as well. But more recently, Intel has shown a strong interest in pushing its Atom platform into mobile products, including tablets and possibly smartphones, and AMD's eventual entry could set the stage for interesting battle between several industry heavyweights. What's more, the added competition would further motivate ARM, Nvidia, and Intel to stay on top of their game with faster, more power efficient mobile processors.

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