AMD Issues Round of Price Cuts to Select A6 and A8 Series APUs

Paul Lilly

Save around 13 percent on certain APUs

Following up last week's unveiling of AMD's A10 6790K APU, the Sunnyvale chip designer has settled on a suggested price point for the new part. In addition, AMD added prices for its FX-9370 and FX-9590 processors for the AM3+ platform, plus shaved in the neighborhood of 13 percent off the price of three existing A6 and A8 Series APUs, bringing each one down to below $100.

Starting at the higher end, the A10 6790K is a quad-core chip clocked at 4GHz, and up to 4.3GHz via Turbo. It has 4MB of L2 cache, integrated HD 8670D graphics, and a 100W TDP. It's a "Black Edition" processor (unlocked multiplier) and is now priced at $122, according to CPU-World .

Up above are the FX-9370 and FX-9590 processors, a couple of Extreme-level chips that initially sold for $350+ and $800+, respectively, when they debuted back in June. Both chips have dropped in price since then and are now listed at $224 (FX-9370) and $306 (FX-9590).

As for the A6 and A8 Series APUs, here's a look:

  • A6 6400K: $62 (down from $71, 12.7 percent savings)
  • A8 6500: $97 (down from $112, 13.4 percent savings)
  • A8 6600K: $97 (down from $112, 13.4 percent savings)

With the exception of the A8 6500, every chip mentioned here is a Black Edition part.

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