AMD Invests in BlueStacks to Enable Virtualized Android Apps on Fusion-powered Slates

Pulkit Chandna

Do your remember the company that recently launched an application for running Android apps on Windows? Yes, we’re talking about BlueStacks and its App Player for Windows that launched in alpha on October 11. Although not everyone seems to appreciate the ability to run Android apps on Windows, BlueStacks is having no trouble in finding those that do.

One such admirer happens to be chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, which is so impressed with BlueStacks’ work Android-on-Windows effort that it recently invested in the company. The chip maker participated in BlueStack’s latest funding round in which the latter raised a total of $6.4 million. But the exact size of AMD’s investment isn’t known. What is known is that AMD has invested in BlueStacks in order to enable virtualized Android apps on its APU-powered PCs, tablets.

“Bluestacks is a visionary software company that is, seamlessly, making the emerging Android mobile apps market part of the broader computing ecosystem and enhancing such experiences on our award-winning APU platforms,” said Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, AMD Fusion Experience Program. “AMD is committed to support such game changing innovators through investment and other activity as we work together to usher in new experiences that allow consumers to enjoy the full capabilities of the brilliant graphics and computing performance enabled by AMD.”

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