AMD Introduces FX-4170 and FX-6200 Bulldozer CPUs, Cuts Price of FX-8120

Paul Lilly

AMD fans might be looking forward to Piledriver, but the Sunnyvale chip maker isn't quite ready to move on from Bulldozer. On the contrary, AMD today sent out a message announcing two new FX-Series Bulldozer chips -- AMD FX-4170 and FX--6200 -- along with a price cut to its existing FX-8120 processor with eight processing cores clocked at 3.1GHz (4GHz via Turbo Core).

The newly minted FX-4170 processor is a quad-core part clocked at 4.2GHz (4.3GHz via Turbo Core). It has 4MB of L2 cache, a 125W TDP, and a northbridge clockspeed of 2.2GHz. The FX-4170 is AMD's top-clocked quad-core chip.

On the six-core front, the new sherrif in town is AMD's FX-6200, a hexacore part that runs at 3.8GHz (4.1GHz via Turbo Core). It has 6MB of L2 cache and the same TDP as the FX-4170 (125W). AMD didn't list its northbridge speed, which will probably be 2.2GHz.

Lastly, AMD is cutting the price of its FX-8120 and FX-6100 processors. The FX-8120 has been reduced from $199 to $185, and the FX-6100 from $149 to $145. No word on how much the new processors will cost.

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