AMD FX-8350 "Vishera" CPU Could Hit Desktops This October

Brad Chacos

We've got Ivy Bridge, we've got Trinity, when are we going to see a desktop follow-up to AMD's Bulldozer chips? Some hub-bub around the Web says we'll be seeing the Piledriver-based Vishera lineup sometime in the third quarter, with the flagship AMD FX-8350 possibly coming at the end of October.

That news comes courtesy of Fudzilla and Hexus sources, who also detailed what we can expect to see from the FX-8350. If those sites' information proves to be true -- and it often is -- the FX-8350 will sport 8 Vishera-based 32nm cores clocked at 4.0GHz/4.2GHz turbo with a 4x2MB L2 cache and 8MB L3 cache. The chip is also expected to have a 125 TDP, the same as the FX-8150, and it will be AM3+ compatible.

Will the rumors turn out to be true? Who knows? As it stands, does the FX-8350 and Vishera pique your interest? AMD's 2013 desktop roadmap doesn't anticipate the launch of any new traditional desktop CPUs beyond Vishera as the company focuses on its APU-centric heterogenous computing concept , so hopefully it's enough to satisfy AMD fans for a while.

The company does expect to launch a "Kaveri" desktop APU next year with 2- to 4- Steamroller CPUs and an integrated Graphics Card Next-based GPU, as well as a lower-powered "Kabini" APU based off of Jaguar CPUs. Steamroller is the successor to Piledriver; Jaguar is the successor to the Bobcat cores found in Brazos APUs; and GCN is the architecture powering in this generation's 28nm Radeon HD series of video cards.

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