AMD FX-8120 Bundled With Liquid Cooling Shows Up Online

Brad Chacos

In a bid to create more of a one-stop-shopping experience for Bulldozer-loving overclocking fanatics, AMD recently announced plans to roll out a FX-8150 bundled with a liquid cooler a little while back. There were just a few problems: at $370 to $400, the kit is really expensive for what it offers, and it still hasn't actually become available yet. Despite that, a new, similar kit pairing a liquid cooler with a FX-8120 proc has popped up online.

The WOX bundle sports a "FD8120FRGUWOX" SKU and is already available for pre-order over at, CPU World reports . (Yep, the same that posted an Asus GTX 680 for sale early .) At $310, it comes in quite a bit cheaper than the FX-8150 bundle, but keep in mind that you can pick up a standard heatsink/fan-cooled FX-8120 for $190 at Newegg (though the MSRP is $205).

For those of us that need a refresher, the Socket AM3+-ready  FX-8120 sports 4 dual-core Bulldozer modules for 8 cores total, 8MB of L2 cache, 8MB of shared L3 cache, and a 3.1GHz core frequency that can shoot up to 4 GHz with AMD's Turbo Core technology.

Unfortunately, there's no word on the scheduled availability of the water-cooled FX-8120. (Or the water-cooled FX-8150, for that matter.) Do these bundled kits hold appeal for any of you, or would you rather roll your own?

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