AMD Fleshes Out Sub-$100 Graphics Card Line with HD 6570 and 6670

Paul Lilly

AMD appears to be attacking the entry-level and mainstream graphics card market with a vengeance. The chip maker last week rolled out is ultra-affordable Radeon HD 6450 priced at $59, which coincided with the launch of Nvidia's budget-oriented GeForce GT 520. Now AMD is following up that launch with the release of two more sub-$100 videocards, the Radeon HD 6570 and 6670.

According to , the Radeon HD 6570 sells for $79 and boasts 480 stream processors, 24 texture units, 8 ROPs, a 650MHz engine clock, and either 512MB-2GB of DDR3 clocked at 900MHz or 512MB-1GB of GDDR5 clocked at 1000MHz, both on a 128-bit memory bus.

Meanwhile, the Radeon HD 6670 sells for $99 and features many of the same specs, but comes clocked at 800MHz (engine) and includes 512MB-1GB of GDDR5 clocked at 1000MHz, also on a 128-bit interface.

Image Credit: AMD

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