AMD Expects Better Bulldozer Performance In Windows 8 PCs

Brad Chacos

Reviewers – including us – got their grubby little hands on AMD’s long-awaited “Bulldozer” 8-core FX -8150 chip a week ago , and while there is plenty to like with the processor, a lot of folks were expecting, well, a bit more. Benchmark tests showed performance similar to Intel’s Core i5-2500k pretty much across the board. But wait! AMD expects more efficient multi-core CPUs to work more efficiently with Windows 8 than they do with Windows 7. But will the new OS make that much of a difference?

Xbit Labs points out a screenshot that it says AMD has pushed out recently; in it, the frame rates of a number of popular games as played on a Bulldozer-packing PC are displayed. As you can see, they do run a bit more smoothly on the Windows 8 Developer Preview than they do on Windows 7 (assuming, of course, that the numbers are accurate). It isn’t much of a jump, though. Most games show fps improvements under 5 percent. At the bottom, the newer Deus Ex: Human Revolution only runs 2 percent faster, while at the top, the older Left 4 Dead 2 runs around 10 percent faster, which translates to about 14 extra frames per second. Unfortunately, we have no idea what kind of configuration was used to test the games.

Do you think Windows 8 will boost Bulldozer to bigger, better, Sandy Bridge-busting heights?

Image credit: Xbit Labs

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