AMD Dropping Support For Pre-HD 5000 Series GPUs in July

Maximum PC Staff

If you're still gaming on a Radeon HD-4000 series graphics card (or older) your GPU isn’t about to self-destruct, but it will fall out of mainstream support in the very near future. AMD announced today that Catalyst 12.6 will mark the end of the road for anything prior to the HD-5000 series, or to put it simply, anything that isn’t DirectX-11 compliant.

Though this will likely be of little comfort for those with pre-Evergreen, cutting out support for older hardware will help trim down the file size for Catalyst 12.7 and beyond. AMD has yet confirmed, however it is expected they will offer at least some basic level of hardware support for these boards in Windows 8. While their gaming performance hay-day has definitely come and gone, they still have plenty of power for basic Windows tasks, and make for a great hand-me-down for gamers looking to upgrade family off older integrated graphics.

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