AMD Doesn't Think DirectX API Has a Future Beyond DX11

Paul Lilly

There will never be a DirectX 12 API, AMD says.

An executive working for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) doesn't believe DirectX 12 will ever see the light of day. His name is Roy Taylor and he's the Vice President of Global Channel Sales for the Sunnyvale chip designer that's very much involved in PC graphics hardware and software. AMD is on the front lines, so to speak, so it's interesting to hear someone from the company say that DirectX is dead in the water.

Taylor made the prediction during an interview with German magazine . He was asked about the inclusion of top titles like Bioshock Infinite in AMD's Never Settle bundles, and that's when he dropped the bombshell, if you care to view it as one. As far as Taylor is concerned, the days of refreshing the DirectX API are over, and there will never be a DirectX 12 , not for Windows 8, Windows Blue, or any other version of Windows.

Rather than rely on the dead-end API, Taylor says AMD's next-generation GPUs will integrate "other technologies" to take its place, though he didn't divulge any info on what those technologies might be.

Taylor's comments may stem from an email that was supposedly sent from Microsoft to its XNA and DirectX MVP members earlier this year stating that as of April 1, 2014, "XNA/DirectX will be fully retired from the MVP Award Program." The email went on to state that "DirectX is no longer evolving as a technology." Microsoft issued a statement denying the accuracy of the email.

"I can confirm that the original comunication sent to MVPs yesterday was inaccurate," Microsoft stated. "Microsoft has issued a follow-up communication to the DirectX/XNA MPVs reaffirming that DirectX is very much an important and evolving technology for Microsoft."

Unless Microsoft has changed its mind in the last couple of months, we'd venture to say DirectX 12 has a future.

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