AMD Chips Away at Intel's x86 CPU Market Share

Paul Lilly

AMD is getting ready to 'Bulldozer' the market with a new processor architecture, but in the meantime, the chip maker's Fusion parts are picking up the market share slack. The Sunnyvale firm gained nearly two points of x86 market share in the second quarter, and now holds a 19.4 percent share overall, according to new data from market research firm Mercury Research, eWeek reports .

Intel still stands tall in the x86 space with a dominating 79.9 percent, but that's down from 81.3 percent in the same quarter one year prior. What that means is AMD was able to wrestle away some market share from Intel. Meanwhile, VIA's share barely moved, falling slightly from 0.9 percent in the second quarter of 2010 to 0.8 percent currently.

Mercury Research credits AMD's uptick to its Fusion processors, and in particular its Fusion C-Series (Ontario) and A-Series (Llano).

"Together these devices allowed AMD to increase shipments in the mobile market by 10 percent, and enabled the company to out-ship the competition and gain market share in the second quarter," Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research, said in a statement.

Like Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture, AMD's Fusion parts integrate a CPU and graphics core into a single slice of silicon. Fusion has gotten off to a fast start, with AMD shipping around 12 million Fusion processors through the end of its second fiscal quarter ended July 2, 2011.

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