AMD Caught Off Guard by High Demand for Hexa-Core Chips

Paul Lilly

This isn't the first time we've seen AMD fight back against Intel by releasing low-cost alternatives to Intel's pricier parts (how many of you have fond memories of owning a Barton platform?), and as expected, AMD's six-core processors are flying off of store shelves .

Sales have been so well that AMD is having trouble keeping up with demand. As such, the Sunnyvale chip maker is cautioning vendors about placing orders, DigiTimes says.

Not just six-core chips are affected, either. The increased demand also applies to sales of 800-series motherboards, mobo makers say, and could impact pricing. Citing un-named sources, DigiTimes says AMD has decided to postpone the launch of its SB810 southbridge and will continue to sell the SB850 at a higher price.

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