AMD Catalyst 14.7 Release Candidate Drivers Now Available

Paul Lilly

Starting with AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta, AMD is no longer support Windows 8

AMD has made available to download its new Catalyst 14.7 drivers in Release Candidate form . Be advised that if you're rocking Windows 8.0 instead of Windows 8.1, you can't use these drivers -- AMD stopped supporting Windows 8 as of its Catalyst 14.6 Beta release. For everyone else, you're good to go with this latest release, provided you're interested in RC drivers.

The Catalyst 14.7 RC includes everything in the 14.6 RC plus a few extra goodies. There's an update to AMD CrossFire and Radeon Dual Graphics profile for Plants vs. Zombies. You can also expect up to a massive 93 percent boost in CrossFire scaling in Assassin's Creed IV at 3840x2160 with High settings.

In addition to performance boosts, AMD said it worked with AOC to address an issue affecting its U2868PQU panel on certain Radeon graphics card that would cause 60Hz SST flickering. The new drivers contain a software workaround.

You can read more here and download the drivers here .

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