AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta 9.5 Resolves Flickering Issue, Brings Back Overdrive

Paul Lilly

Latest beta stomps out more bugs

AMD has released yet another beta version of its Catalyst 13.11 driver for Windows, the latest of which is mostly intended to fix unwanted behavior such as intermittent flickering seen on some Radeon R9 270X graphics cards. Catalyst 13.11 beta 9.5 also includes all the performance enhancements and bug fixes of every release that came before it, including up to 35 percent better performance in Batman: Arkham Origins with MSAA 8x enabled (introduced in beta 6).

The Sunnyvale chip designer didn't focus a whole lot on bumping framerates with this latest release, though the Release Notes do indicate improved frame pacing in quad CrossFireX configurations for Hitman: Absolution and Total War: Rome 2. Otherwise, here are the highlights:

  • Resolves the issue of AMD Overdrive missing in the AMD Catalyst Control Center for Radeon R9 290 Series graphics cards
  • Resolves graphics corruption seen in Starcraft

In other words, it's a minor bump, albeit one that some users will find useful. If you think you can benefit from anything being offered in this release, you can download the driver direct from AMD .

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