AMD Catalyst 12.3 Adds Full Support for Radeon HD 7000 Series

Paul Lilly

AMD has made available a new version of its Catalyst driver suite that now fully supports the Radeon HD 7900, 7800, and 7700 series of graphics cards. Outside of boosting support for the latest graphics cards, Catalyst 12.3 is a fairly light update with no mention of any performance improvements, though it does fix a handful of issues some gamers have been experiencing in Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

One of the main resolved issues is that of flicker and texture corruption in Skyrim. AMD claims to have a handle on the situation, at least as far as Windows 7 is concerned.

After installing Catalyst 12.3, you'll also be able to play Alan Wake in DirectX 9 mode with CrossFire enabled and not have it crash, as it is apparently prone to doing with previous driver releases.

For a full list of fixes, you can view the release notes here . Driver downloads are available here .

Image Credit: AMD

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