AMD Catalyst 12.2 Pre-Certified Driver Rolls into View

Paul Lilly

If you want to get a jump start on upgrading the drivers for your AMD Radeon videocard, you can head over to AMD and grab the Catalyst 12.2 pre-certified drivers today. AMD says these drivers are identical to the upcoming certified release, just without Microsoft's official blessing, which will come later this month or in early March. In other words, this isn't beta code, the drivers just haven't gone through the certification process yet.

In any event, Catalyst 12.2 adds support for Radon HD 7900 and 7700 Series graphics cards in Windows 7 and Vista. The new drivers also add super sampling anti-aliasing and adaptive anti-aliasing through the AMD Catalyst Control Center for DirectX 10 and 11 applications, as well as bring about several enhancements to AMD's Eyefinity 2.1 technology.

You can read the release notes here and grab the new drivers here .

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